We have planning permission!


The project, subject to committee approval, will be changing to adopt a phased approach, to allow work to start sooner, using our present funds.  More will be added about this soon.

The objective of the project remains the same:

  • To make the worship area wider, remedying the "tunnel effect" caused by the narrow section in the old timber section, that makes the rear half of the congregation feel cut off.  The wider area will also significantly increase seating capacity
  • Make the hall bigger and without a low ceiling making it more attractive to hire and of more benefit to the community
  • Visually match the rear with the masonry section (the end that faces the main road and that you can see in the banner picture at the top of this website)
  • Make the building more attractive and welcoming from Eddeys Lane
  • Provide an entrance area that potentially double as a cafe, providing a service to the community
  • Provide better facilities, utilities and storage

It will allow us to:

  • Grow spiritually and numerically
  • Worship God better
  • Serve the community better


Planning permission documents can be viewed here

Below, you can see the plans that were part of the package submitted to EHDC for the planning permission process:

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Being an interdenominational church, you could find a wide variety of theological viewpoints represented below. They are in reverse chronologinal order with the most recent sermon first: