St Francis Headley Down is an interdenominational church for Headley Down and the surrounding area. We welcome all and work with the other churches in our area.

We celebrate the unity of Bible-believing Christians who recognise the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, holding Christ on the inside and showing His love for all mankind through service for and empowering relationships with our fellow men and women.

Residents and visitors to the area are welcome, sure to find a friendly face in our small but vibrant fellowship. A loop system is installed for the hearing impaired.

Children are welcome to all services, toys and books are available at all times. Junior church is provided at every service apart from the Big Breakfast, which instead, they play an integral part, and share breakast with their families and us of course!


Being an interdenominational church, you could find a wide variety of theological viewpoints represented below. They are in reverse chronologinal order with the most recent sermon first: